Whether you run a large organization or run a small business, implementing ISO 9001, Quality Management System (QMS) standard has countless benefits. As the world’s most recognized standard, ISO 9001 aims to provide a workable framework that is suitable for monitoring and improving a business. It increases productivity and safety of the employees, reduces costs and ensures consistent quality to the clients, which in turn, helps achieve higher profits.

Achieving ISO certification signifies that your business strives for continual improvement and demonstrates your products and services’ quality. Here are some more benefits of  ISO 9001 certification.

Enhanced Productivity

It helps minimize errors and mistakes by improving communications, reporting and management techniques. It also enables improved efficiency, streamlines processes and helps reduce waste.

Opens Up New Markets

Some customers prefer working only with businesses that have ISO 9001 certification as it provides them with an assurance that the company adheres to efficient management systems, and a more reliable delivery and production system that is continuously approved after assessment.

It can also help reach new horizons by expanding customer retention, opening up opportunities to saturate international markets and subsequently increasing profits due to increased customer satisfaction.

Skyrockets Sales

Research reveals that an ISO 9001 certification inherently helps increase sales because of better product quality and improved services. A significant reason for increased sales is that most blue-chip contracts and government tenders require certification by potential suppliers to prove their services are ISO 9001 compliant.


ISO 9001 is especially cost-effective for SMEs because it streamlines processes, improves management systems, and helps cut costs by more than 40% within a couple of years if they follow recommendations by experts.

Getting ISO 9001 For A Small Business

Person auditing business with chart


How much the certification will cost a business, depends entirely on annual turnover, industry sector, number of employees and several other factors. Experts ISO consultants at Barile Consulting Services are committed to providing cost-effective routes that are up to 50% more affordable than competitors.


Usually, certification consulting services take a little over a month, but the time merely depends on your business’s complexity and size. Professional certification consultants often help speed the process of gaining the ISO 9001 certification by drafting complex documents and making the process as straightforward as possible.

The BCS Approach

Barile Consulting Services has been implementing affordable and reliable certifications for AS9100, ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 for more than 15 years. It has provided unmatched services to countless companies including a varied number of industries across the USA.

The BCS approach involves an initial ISO certification audit, constant communication and yearly surveillance audits to ensure the system’s guidelines are followed and maintained by the business appropriately.

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