ISO Consulting & Certification Services

ISO 9001, ISO 13485, AS9100, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and
API Q1 Consulting

BCS, LLC provides the following for companies interested with initial ISO implementation:
  • Provide onsite or remote sessions
  • Training of employees
  • Free phone support between visits
  • Writing of the Quality Manual (includes procedures and forms)
  • Manuals customized to your organization
  • Perform internal audits
  • Assistance with registrar (the ISO auditing firm) selection
  • Become certified within 6 months or less

Internal Auditing

BCS, LLC provides a full in-depth internal auditing service for companies. This service is included for companies that implemented ISO for the first time and for those currently ISO certified.

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ISO 9001 Helps Businesses Get More Organized, Improves Customer Satisfaction
What is ISO 9001 and what’s all the hype in getting certified? As a business owner you may be cautiously approaching this topic and wonder how using the ISO 9001 standards cam work to make your company better. The short answer is that if you put it into place just because someone says you have to, or you just want to put a check in the box, then it won’t help you at all and may even cause you a burden when you try to implement the ISO 9001 requirements.
However, if you put these standards into place in order to seriously develop better quality standards, then ISO 9001 can honestly assist your business in many positive ways. If you need help understanding these benefits, then hiring an ISO consultant can help you to break it down into plain English.


Why Should Your Business Consider ISO 9001 Certification?

Implementing the ISO 9001 standards can help to improve and enhance your company in several ways. Plus, it isn’t the nightmare you may think it is to put the quality management system that makes up the ISO 9001 requirements. For instance, many organizations believe that it adds to their paperwork and document records requirements. This is not so. Using the ISO 9001 standards can actually help a business to get more control and perspective over how they use their existing records. That’s because it helps to better define a business’ goals and objectives, and helps you to steer the creation of those document records to reflect that. This is also something that your ISO consultant can help you to understand more clearly.


The ISO 9001 Quality Management System was actually developed precisely for this reason – to help improve and enhance an organization and make it more effective and more competitive. Think about it. What is it that causes the most issues in your company? Usually the answer will be that the company has too many bosses making decisions that conflict and cause disorganization and confusion.


Helps Get Everyone On The Same Page

ISO consulting agents will help you to pin down where all of these conflicts are and help to get everyone on the same page. That way you can get to real reason your company exists – to make a profit by selling your products and services to satisfied customers.


Just think! How much more would you be able to do that if all of the company’s vital goals and objectives were clearly spelled out and actually used to implement your business’ processes and procedures and not just something in a frame hanging on the wall in the break room? ISO 9001 standards can do this for your company!


How can ISO 9001 Benefit Your Customers?

Customers are the key to your business, as without them there would be no sales and no profits coming in. If you implement the ISO 9001 standards, then you will see that several of them apply to customer satisfaction through understanding their needs and requirements. The great thing about these standards is that once you have this in place, it doesn’t stay stagnant.


ISO 9001 requirements call for the customer focus aspects of the quality management system to undergo ongoing improvements. This is a major benefit as any business person knows that if you have an unhappy customer, fixing the situation quickly is necessary in order to avoid far reaching issues. The ISO 9001 helps businesses put together a tried and true system that helps to keep customers satisfied and happy.


ISO 9001 Aids in The Supplier Relationships
Besides helping you deal with customer issues, the ISO 9001 standards are geared to help you with the relationships you have with the suppliers of your goods and services. The management system will show you how to tell good suppliers from bad because it evaluates them as a requirement. This gives you a great advantage over your competitors who may not know how to do this or may not do it on a regular basis, while the ISO 9001 requirements mandates the evaluation of suppliers.


It is very important to your business to maintain good relationships with the best suppliers and the bottom line is that this is something that ISO 9001 can do for your organization. The ISO requirements don’t force you to meet these standards in any particular fashion; it just spells out what they are and what you have to meet to implement them. This is how it works for every business niche. Your company can decide how to make this happen in the best way for your particular type of product or service.


The bottom line is that implementing the ISO 9001 Quality Management System is something that is good for businesses in many valuable ways. Talk to an ISO consulting agent today and find out how it can work to make your company more efficient, and more profitable.

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Call us at (440) 628-8271 or contact us by clicking the button.

Need More Information About Us?

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