How To Effectively Improve Manufacturing Quality Control

If you own or manage a manufacturing business, quality control should be one of your main priorities. Not only can quality control issues drive customers away, it can also cause your business to lose lots of revenue. Many manufacturing businesses lose nearly 15% of their total sales revenue due to quality control issues. Rather than […]

Creating a High-Quality Clinical Environment with ISO Standards for Healthcare

From initial diagnosis and the development of a treatment plan to medical interventions and record keeping, every part of the healthcare industry operates under standardized guidelines, regulations and best practices. These are outlined by various medical associations, governing bodies and national as well as state-level laws. Major responsibilities for the management and administration of hospitals include […]

What is an ISO 9001 Certification and Who Needs It?

ISO 9001 Certification guarantees that a quality management system (QMS) meets the international standards. To get certified, an organization must meet the stringent requirements laid out by the ISO 9001 standard. This was created to help companies show their partners and customers they can produce goods and services that always meet regulatory requirements and are fully committed […]

Documentation Requirements for ISO 9001 Certification

An ISO 9001 Certification guarantees that a company’s goods and services are in line with international standards. It assures consumers that the company is following protocol and their products are safe for use. Companies can get ISO 9001 Certified to gain consumers’ confidence, ensure they’re maintaining high standards, improve efficiency, reduce wastage, limit errors, enhance communication, […]

5 Steps for Successful ISO 9001 Certification for Small Businesses

Running a small business can be stressful as it involves a small group of people simultaneously responsible for multiple work functions such as production, sales, financials, supply chains, government regulations, workforce management and quality checks. One of the key aspects that keep small businesses from growing and becoming successful is routine quality issues. A consistent […]