In the 2015 update to ISO 9001, clause 8.5.1 requires your company to implement control measures on your production and service provision processes. The idea behind this is to create a ‘controlled environment’ that enables monitoring, evaluation and corrective actions as needed.

Below, we share some ways how you can create a strong production and service provision through the implementation of clause 8.5.1:

1. Documentation is Key

You should document the details of your products or services and their characteristics. Every activity required for production or provision should be clearly defined, along with all associated processes. The results you want to accomplish through these activities or associated processes should also be mentioned.

2. Monitoring & Measurement

According to the clause, monitoring and measurement should be conducted at suitable intervals to verify that both the production output as well as the process of production itself meet the acceptance criteria of the company. The appropriate financial, mechanical and human resources should be made available for this purpose.

3. Suitability & Competence

The environment as well as the infrastructure of your production or service provision processes should be suitable for its purposes. This ‘suitability’ is subjective and depends on the business your company is engaged in. The persons appointed to work on the production or service provision should be competent, i.e., they should be qualified and trained for their respective roles.

4. Release, Delivery & Post-Delivery

Sufficiently detailed procedures should be established for the release, delivery and post-delivery activities pertaining to a product or service.

To Sum it Up

The measures in Clause 8.5.1 place emphasis on developing, integrating and referencing documented information. This reduces human errors and allows effective evaluation and improvement.

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