After the documentation phase is complete, you can begin implementing the ISO 9001 QMS across your organization.

You may not be ready to implement everything you wrote down in the documentation phase. You’ll introduce the changes and new requirements to your employees and help make the transition as seamless as possible.

To ensure your employees are on the same page as you, spend some time explaining the benefit of implementing a quality management system, so they understand why you’re adopting them.

Your new processes must be more efficient and user-friendly than your older ones, so the advantages are clear to see for everyone.

Here’s what you need to know about the implementation process:

Take It One Step At a Time

Depending on how large your organization is, changing everything at once can get chaotic and may decrease productivity.

It’s best to take one step at a time. We suggest you start with “document control.” Either send out a memo or arrange a meeting during which the department heads explain the changes to their teams.

The document control section of the implementation process is fairly simple and offers immediate benefits. By implementing this process first, your staff will realize the many benefits of this new system immediately.

Improving Processes and Writing Work Instructions

Employees working in an office

As you implement new quality management systems, all employees’ work will be affected in some way. They’ll be required to adopt new document control processes.

Work Instruction and process improvement was a huge past of ISO 9001:2015. According to the 2015 guidelines, work instructions are only required when they add value to the business.

Examples of adding value include writing down the steps for a process that’s only performed in special circumstances or noting down the details of a process to hand over to new members of the organization so they can carry it out without any trouble.

The task of writing work instructions should be left to those who actually perform them. Tell them to write down the optimum method of performing their assigned tasks.

Documentation Format

The documentation of the processes should be presented in a way that’s easiest to understand. It could be presented in blocks of text, flowcharts, images, screenshots, and even videos.

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