When it comes to implementing a formal management system, most organizations witness a rising barrier between quality management professionals and management.

Since enacting a certified management system is done to meet industry and customer requirements, organizations don’t want administrative issues and shortcomings to come in the way.

So how can an organization bridge the communication gap with the management in the context of ISO 9001? Let’s have a look.

Looking Beyond the Requirements

Whether experts or outside consultants handle the transition, management, or implementation within your organization, quality management professionals often reinforce the communication barrier with the senior management through the communication requirements set by ISO 9001.

Dedicated quality professionals are often so invested in implementing the requirements of ISO 9001 that they fail to focus on the benefits that the company can derive out of effective process management.

As such, you must hire experienced quality management professionals that have the ability to look beyond the compliance and requirements for more effective communication with senior management.

Taking Proactive Steps

It’s important to use a language of communication that resonates with senior management. Failure to do so will only widen the chasm between quality management professionals and company management.

A few ways experienced quality management professionals communicate better with senior management is by:

Translating Customer Satisfaction Metrics to Business Performance Metrics

To bridge the communication gap with management, quality management professionals must translate customer satisfaction metrics into business performance metrics. They should highlight the processes that give the best management insight into resource utilization and training to translate return on investment in the eyes of the management.

They should also create rapport with customers and gather performance data to give actionable input to the senior management so they can make products and services for greater customer value.

QMS professionals and organization management working together


Bridging the communication gap between management is vital for the effectiveness of the QMS. By translating performance metrics into indicators that the management can understand and work with on a macro level, quality management professionals can create a productive collaboration rather than a conflict.

It’s only with the eager participation of the management that you will see the management system become successful enough to yield greater profits and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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