There’s no denying that AS9100D has become a necessity for businesses in the aircraft, aerospace and defense industries.

Complying with the international management system standard allows organizations to improve the delivery of products and services while reaping a plethora of additional benefits in the long run.

The AS9100D quality management system plays a foundational role in enabling businesses to meet regulatory requirements and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.

If you’ve been considering implementing AS9100D, we’ve rounded up five powerful benefits of achieving certification to help you get started!

1. Increased Customer Satisfaction

As one of the most popular benefits of seeking AS9100D certification, increased customer satisfaction is ultimately what ends up converting a lot of organizations.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, contractor or supplier in the aerospace industry, ensuring customers are content with your products/services is imperative.

customer satisfaction

The AS9100D standard enables organizations to meet high customer expectations by reducing inefficiencies and improving delivery speeds. As internal processes are improved, businesses can maintain high-end quality in the long run, thereby ensuring optimal customer satisfaction.

AS9100D also enables organizations to understand the requirements of customers. As something that’s generally sidelined in the aerospace industry, continually gaining insights into customer preferences and expectations goes a long way in keeping them satisfied and increasing revenue.

This customer-centric approach also plays a central role in ensuring feedback is actively sought and assiduously analyzed. These collective efforts ultimately help different departments work together to meet customer needs and boost business.

2. Improved Business Identity and Reputability

As an internationally recognized standard, AS9100D helps improve business identity and reputability. If your company isn’t AS9100D certified, you could potentially lose customers or lucrative partnerships.

Ensuring AS9100D certification lends authority and trustworthiness to an organization. This increases the likelihood of attracting and retaining customers as well as securing beneficial partnerships with established organizations in the industry.

Over time, your business will reap the benefits of improved image, reputability, and prestige. These factors help an organization grow in the long run.

3. Increased Efficiency

increased efficiency

Following the AS9100D standard enables organizations to reduce risk by identifying and correcting errors made during manufacturing.

The quality management system provides a structure that focuses on implementing new procedures and eliminating old, inefficient and unproductive processes. This helps increase efficiency, reduce unnecessary costs and improve overall performance.

The management is also provided with data that allows them to track progress—or lack thereof—and make changes accordingly. The focus on continual evaluation and action leaves little to no room for stagnancy, disorganization or incompetency.

4. Enhanced Decision Making

AS9100D requirements entail strong collaboration between managers. As involvement increases, the management is able to make timely and favorable decisions that boost productivity and improve the balance sheet.

The system enables management to make decisions based on evidence and data as opposed to vague postulation.  As decision making is strengthened, the company’s time, expertise, resources, and investments are focused on the right issues, resulting in effective goal setting and cost savings.

5. Increased Employee Engagement

employment engagement through ISO

The evaluation and reworking involved in the implementation stage increase consistency in performance and employee engagement. Employees are equipped with the information and resources required to simplify tasks and effectively troubleshoot problems. This helps them feel more involved in key processes.


AS9100D creates an open, interactive and productive work environment that prioritizes feedback and growth.  As the company culture enriches, each member of the team develops a growth mindset that increases engagement and facilitates performance.

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