What is ISO 9001? Most international standards begin with the abbreviation “ISO”, the initials of the “International Organization for Standardization”. The common purpose of standards such as ISO 9001, which starts with the ISO expression; to promote the growth of all commercial and non-commercial enterprises worldwide by providing easy, flexible and fast communication in terms of manufacturing and trade.

Thus, all standards such as ISO 9001 quality management system have made common communication language possible. If we pay attention here, it will be seen that the world’s common trade volume follows a trend of simultaneous growth with ISO quality standards. Another consequence of this situation is that enterprises of all sizes and types can easily be included in the world trade volume.

With the introduction of such an introduction, it is much more possible to answer and make clear the question of what is ISO 9001. ISO 9001 certification program is the most well-known and developed management system in the world. It is enough for a company who wants to carry out its own businesses with the common management logic with the world and apply the ISO 9001 system and understand the logic.

Thus, it is possible for enterprises that can integrate to the quality management system as necessary to avoid possible losses. ISO 9001 is the first quality standard published in 1987. The rules that make up the 9001 standard, which provides a body or framework management approach, are more indicative of what needs to be done.

Nowadays, while the trade between countries has become easier and better, the boundaries have been lifted and small and large companies of all sizes can easily sell products and services. The role of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, which provides great benefits to enterprises by keeping pace with this development, has been indisputable.

ISO 9001, which became a common language of trade in one aspect, was first published in 1987 by the “International Standards Organization”, which was first established in 1947 and we see the abbreviated ISO at the beginning of almost every quality management standard. In all these years, it has been revised four times in total and it has not delayed to keep up with the developing world conditions.

Why do we need to manage quality? In fact, in companies where ISO 9001 standard is applied, it is possible to talk about the flow in the process, not the quality management. This means; As a result, when you organize every step from supply to the customer correctly and fluently enough, you manage quality as a result.

Training ISO 9001: objectives and course content

Invite an ISO 13485 Consultant or independently implement a QMS in accordance with ISO 9001? Familiarization with the course program will allow you to correctly assess the situation and prospects.

Practical control systems have a positive effect on the progress and results of work. The certificate of the international standardization organization is a kind of quality mark that guarantees a high level of the company’s products and services. But for certification, certain obligations must be met.

The training program is designed for the following categories of participants:

Using training courses ISO 9001, you will learn what the current requirements for obtaining a document are and how to put them into practice. Classes are based on examples from everyday business activity, which allows you to effectively absorb material.