If an organization is thinking about getting there ISO certification they will need to meet all of the regulatory requirements. In order to do this the organization must hire ISO 14001 consultants that have comprehensive experience in this area. The organization will need to screen the ISO 14001 consultants before making they can decide on which one to hire so start by identifying all of the ISO 14001 consultants that have online profiles. After the naming, the list of these consultants, the organization can move ahead with the interviewing process.

Interviewing Questions to Ask When Screening ISO Consultants

There is a series of key questions that need to be asked when screening prospective ISO 14001 consultants. The initial question is finding out how long the firm has been providing these consulting services. While a brand new ISO consulting firm may be able to do the job preference should be given to those with a considerable amount of experience. Generally target those ISO 14001 consultants with more than ten (10) years relevant experience. Once all of those consultants that have a substantial amount of experience that has been located the organization can proceed to the next round of screening questions.

Getting Assurances from Prospective ISO 14001 Consultants

While speaking with the prospective ISO 14001 consultants ask them what type of assurances they will provide in writing. This is a great way to assess the skills and commitment of the consultant. If they are capable, they should have no issues giving their client a guarantee of some type in writing. Any ISO consultant that is not willing to provide some degree of surety should not be hired. After this round of screening, the last step is comparing the fees being charged by each of the ISO 14001 consultants. When comparing the fees being listed by the ISO 14001 consultants do not automatically presume that the higher fees mean better quality work. If the organization has concerns they could request testimonials from the prospective ISO 14001 consultants just be sure to verify the testimonials before making the final commitment.

Organizations who stick to this approach will have no challenges finding the right ISO 14001 consultants to work with. The certification process does take time, so do not expect results overnight. If the organization has an urgent need for the ISO 14001 accreditation, they should begin their due diligence now.

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