The AS9100 is a quality management system that is meant for the industries of aviation, space and defense, which means that it will affect all defense contractors as it is implemented.

What does AS 9100 Do for the Aerospace and Defense industries?

It covers the various requirements for the places that supply and regulate these industries, as well as their customers and is meant to help reduce errors in the supply lines, bring down costs, continue to improve the quality of products, and standardize requirements and qualifications in these industries so they are more aligned and everyone is on the same page with the finished products.

This means that if defense contractors want to continue to get awarded contracts for doing business with the aerospace industry or other similar places, they need to make sure that their products comply with the requirements of AS 9100. So, any company expecting to continue to do business needs to look into the steps to AS 9100 compliance now to be sure of future contracts without a break in their business supply lines.

How to get AS 9100 certification

In order to become registered and AS 9100 compliant a defense contractor should follow these steps:

• Review the AS 9100 standards
• Put together a team to oversee the training process
• Review their current processes and procedures and see how they align with AS 9100
• Select a registrar to facilitate the certification process
• Align the business’ policies and procedures to AS 9100
• Implement the new quality management system as needed
• Apply for AS 9100 certification

Doing these things in order to become AS 9100 compliant will help any defense contractors continue to be competitive in getting aerospace industry jobs.